Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween... and First day of NANOWRIMO

Don't let the impressive Facebook photos from last night's feed fool you. It is DIFFICULT to get two excited kids and two wound up, confused toddlers (or a toddler and a puppy) to pose for a picture. It looks like our attempt was less organized than most in the virtual FB 'hood.  On the upside, our ladybug girl, cowgirl (catgirl earlier in the day... I'll have to snap a picture of that too!), and little lion man had a great time exploring a new Halloween route in our new home town.  Even the Long-Horned Sheep Dog got a few treats and a lot of love.

But oh how we missed our Wedgewood Court crew! It was a fun but bittersweet holiday.

Now, its time to buckle down and get to that Nanowrimo word count... I even have two little girls enrolled in the Young Writers Program, so we'll all be writing together!

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