Monday, August 12, 2013

The Loop

Each day we settle in just a bit more, unpacking an overlooked box, hanging a picture, or setting up a new space - like our nature corner.

And each evening, our conversation winds its way back to the loop it's been on since April 19th.

I can't believe we live here.

Did you see the stars tonight?

I can't believe we did it. 

Do you realize how much we've done since November?

No really, we live here.

It's such a good thing that, amid the utter chaos that comes with uprooting a family (I found the new piano teacher yesterday! And Scout starts puppy kindergarten next week.... Ooooh, and I found the box with my bread making tools!), we still find time to exchange notes with giddy grins at the end of the day. What new local finds have we each discovered; what unexpected perks have cropped up.
Okay, so this picture is a couple of weeks old... and Scout is twice that size now!


Did you see those stars?

1 comment:

  1. Oh, to see the stars again... I envy you!

    Growing up on a farm, I took for granted the magnificent sunsets, the quiet nights, and so many other things. Now the hubby and I jokingly have our retirement house list, and on it are various nature-related items. So lovely to read these posts; your children will thank you for your long-term planning when they peer into the sky, telling their kids about constellations, or just appreciating the unadulterated beauty above... :)