Thursday, May 2, 2013

Discovery on the homefront

It's hard to believe on this cold (38 degrees) May day, but last weekend was spring in earnest. With the snow cover vanished, the bright sun lured us to the far corners of the new property.

While we explored, we had our first picnic at the new place.

He LOVES his Elmo shirt.
 We forged the first few meters of what will eventually be a groomed trail. The woods are bordered by some spiky, brambly stuff (have I mentioned we have a lot to learn?). I hacked through a section of this so we could get at the trees without getting scratched up. How's a girl supposed to build a fairy house with all that bramble in the way?

Max napped in his backpack while Joe and hunted for the borders of our property. Elle explored with us like an eager puppy.

I loved this twisty old tree.

Some discoveries were less lovable, like the 20 year old barbed wire fence that snaked  under the leaf litter and literally through some of the trees. That will be one of our first project  - a long-neglected forest cleanup!

We found the box with our bird book and our binoculars!
There is so much to see.... so much to do!


  1. Such fantastic adventures lie ahead! How does someone get barbed wire through a tree???

    1. Isn't that funny! Must be an old old fence planted when that tree was young..... as the tree grew and bumped up against the fence, it just grew around it.