Wednesday, March 27, 2013


More of this day was spent out doors than any since November. It was spectacular. Sunny, warm, and energizing.... even as we stomped and stirred up snow piles hoping to hurry along their melt.

Sadly, my photos are only of the springy activities we did inside.

We decorated paper easter eggs, created wonderful "Peep" shows, and built a lego menagerie while our socks and shoes dried between outings.

Maya thanked me repeatedly for whisking her away from school slightly early. We biked through the park, puddle stomped with the neighbors, and sat in the sun on the deck. At the end of it all, Maya said, "I know we're usually too busy to getting things done to play outside so much, thanks for letting  us."

At which point I reminded her, "It's not that we've been too busy, it's simply been too miserable to stay out so long."

"Oh, right. I LOVE spring." 

They all fell asleep easily tonight!

Maya's peeps on the run, complete with an audience, judges, and a racetrack.
Elliot's wonderful Peep Veterinarian. 
Elle and Max spent a morning decorating (elle) and playing with glue (max) to create this easter mobile.

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  1. This is wonderful! While I'm so sorry about your kitty, life does continue. Peeps are great artistic elements! Happy Easter to you all.