Thursday, February 21, 2013


All is quiet. Like the lull before a storm.

The snow and cold have kept us in doors, more or less. This requires some creativity. One day the spa tub became a swimming pool, complete with sea shells and blue food coloring. Elle won't yet me reclaim it.

Meanwhile, we've painted. Covering up seven years of dings and finger prints and crayons gone rogue has taken much of our attention. But the stager tells us we've passed the test. We now have a gorgeous house ready for sale - or we will after we paint the vaulted dining room this weekend.

While the paint dries, we dance. Mostly with the wii remotes in hand.

Or we read.

Usual February tasks, like bread baking and garden planning, are on hold. The bread gadgets are in the POD, along with so much else. The garden plans are suspended until the geography of the new place is known.

So we wait. We watch Edina Realty. We visit a few places here and there.

And we wonder where in the world we'll land.

1 comment:

  1. I love that spa-ocean! Such a calming blue.

    What adventures you currently enjoy, and those that await. Congrats on passing the house-staging test!