Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Own Little Celebration

I won't lie to you... this has been a stressful couple of weeks. Nothing major. Nothing permanent. Just a lot of blah.

When you're trying to create cozy holiday memories with three little wonders, there is just no time for blah. So the days have been long, energy has been low, and I find myself looking ahead to the quite days of January more than I ever have in years past.

Today, though, we celebrated our own little family holiday. We began with a great big holiday breakfast (after I luxuriously slept in... almost to eight!). We unwrapped gifts with almost no drama and lots of sincere thank yous.

Maya especially loved the secret "book" treasure box Elle and I made her.

And the girls loved their science-y toys. Elle even fell asleep with one arm around her microscope tonight!

Max even struck gold, with the car toy to end all car toys (he ogled the neighbor's all summer!).

Add in a little ice skating, a movie (Willie Wonka, after the girls and I finished reading each other "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory")....

And as it turns out, we had quite a lot of holiday spirit in us after all.

My your own celebrations be just as joyful!

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