Saturday, November 3, 2012

National Novel Writing Month - Again

I love November.

What has become my annual participation in a nation-wide experiment in creativity, it really makes me happy.

Somehow, carving out a month for it, having a national organization back me up, gives me the excuse I need, allowing myself an hour or an hour a half each day to just imagine. Verbally.

Away from the laundry. Away from obligatory lessons in person-hood for the three little people I'm bringing up. Away from actual, productive employment.

I'm 5,000 words in (more or less) on this year's effort. It's transformed itself, already, into a bit of a haunted house story - channeling The Haunting and What Lies Beneath - though that wasn't at all my intention. Once again, it's a joy to create images from nothing. To explore my own questions through fiction. To write for the sake of writing.


  1. Wow, 5000 words already? That's great! Sounds like a good story.

  2. Yes yes yes! Such a glorious time of year... :)))

    (Love those costumes a post or so back, btw!)