Sunday, October 7, 2012

Welcome to the Big Leagues, Baby

For months he has been exclusively feeding himself.

Sure it's messy, but so empowering. And he has mastered it.

Unfortunately this means he can eat his yogurt pretty quickly. I have very little time to finish baking projects before he demands his freedom.

Once free, he wants to help! He sees his sisters yeilding kitchen utensils all the time. In his eyes, he's ready to do his part.

Yesterday morning he helped roll out dough and spread a cream cheese mixture over the top. Admittedly, he didn't make a lot of progress with his tasks. But he didn't destroy our blueberry puff pastry either. As long as he's part of the process, he's happy.

Here's a bit of Maxwell in action. It's not the tidiest camera work, but all the grins and baby talk are wonderful!


  1. He is adorable! I want to hug him and bake with you guys too. Miss you all!

  2. Oh my, indeed he is a cutie pie! They are little for such a short time, then little begins to morph; what a wondrous ball of toddler you have!