Monday, October 29, 2012


For 45 minutes at a stretch, no kidding, he can stack, sort, build, and topple his blocks and puzzles. He's 6 months ahead of the girls in being able to solve the rainbow stacking puzzle without help. He is in love with stacking cups. And the duplos have kept him busy all morning.

Is this the reputed "boy brain" at work? Maybe. I remember Maya being a huge puzzle fan and a block fanatic, so perhaps it's just the math & spacial referencing genes that are so prevalent in both of our families.

This same studious kid is also prone to tearing around the house at a dead run, often spinning in circles, letting all his excess energy spill out in giggles and uncontrollable throwing of any and all nearby objects.

He's entered that magical stage of doing and learning every second. We can't take our eyes off him... and we wouldn't really want to!

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