Monday, September 17, 2012

Mish Mash

Visiting family turned our weekend into a stay-cation (we're getting pretty good at those!). Between a wedding, a party, the first day of spirit play, and a zoo-trip-to-end-all-zoo-trips, the hours flew by.

And my littles are exhausted today. Poor Elle almost fell asleep on the way to school today!

We spent lazy morning hours playing with Magical Monster Slime. This must have been the right activity (unrestricted sensory play) on the right day (a tired, zoned-out sort of day), because Elle smashed, rolled, molded, and cut this stuff for an hour and a half.

Even Max enjoyed putting it in and out of his little container, squishing it between his fingers repetitively. This is a recipe to keep on hand!

glue, borax, and water (plus color and glitter for fun)

turns into strange slime

and then into a sort of putty-ish, gak-ish, slimey clay.

he loved it... and never tried to eat it!

he mostly liked putting it in and taking it out of this container

the girls' first dollar dance!

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  1. What a joy to observe, as Play-dough was always the bane of my existence. :))) Their faces say it all, Elle's thrill, Max's studious eyes. That he never tried to eat it, wow!! I am so impressed.