Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Staycation Professionals

We staycationed (you know, a vacation without leaving town) on Saturday, dodging duties on the homestead in favor of a full day of whole-family fun. First up, a good old fashioned festival, Irish Fest to be precise. We may not be Irish - exactly - by our love a good dance number, sheep-herding hounds, and corn dogs meant we fit right in. The fact that our neighbors were prime performers kept the kids interested even longer than we predicted!

After a good nap, and a late dinner out, we took the kids to a tricked-out pool (you'll have to imagine the climbing wall, twisty slide, and rope swing in the deep end, plus slides and splashy stuff in the zero-depth shallow end.... perfect for the bigs and the little alike). Once again, bedtime rules were overturned (a theme of the summer).

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