Monday, July 23, 2012

Rolling with the Current

Life has its own demands. And with five people in the house, you never know when the currents of everyday obligations turn into tsunamis and wash away all other possibilities.

Can you tell I'm thinking watery thoughts?

I was packed for a lake week, optimistically including a wonderful beach read, crafts and ideas for the kids, and visions of long, warm, still days by the water with my two mermaids and our guppy.


Maybe next week. For now, I rock my guppy back to health and do battle with the pharmacist that mislabeled his meds.


  1. I could live in the water this month and not mind. I am not enjoying the heat so much at the moment.

  2. We spent the weekend in Arcata, near the Redwoods. That close to the Pacific, the entire low-lying Arcata/Eureka area was littered with tsunami warning signs, then signs when you were leaving tsunami hazard zones. Too bad parenthood doesn't come with those sorts of placards. Good luck with the pharmacist and all your little fishies!!