Sunday, June 17, 2012

Like Father Like Son

Father's Day flew a little under the radar this year, for obvious reasons. Max had a tough night last night, and thankfully slept in a bit. When I awoke, the girls were giggling in the kitchen already.

"Hi mom, we're just making Father's Day cards," Maya sang out when she saw me. That girl is well-trained. She led Elliot in a project I had been unable to get to all week!

We added the cards to a jar of "sweet nothings," things we love about Joe. The idea is, on a tough day, he can pull a sweet nothing from the jar to cheer him up. 

My own dad will have to wait a week or two for some grand-kid love! (But our recovering little sicky really loved her card, thanks!)

The girls went mini-golfing with Joe this afternoon, though Max was a little to sick to join them. We stayed home with his favorite toy: the remote.

Like father like son.

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