Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Graduate

The first time I ran across Rudyard Kipling's If it was in a graduation card and I was 18. I was so infatuated, I memorized it, adding it to exactly 3 things I've ever voluntarily memorized.

If you can keep your head when all abound you
are losing theirs and blaming it on you....

My phone wasn't charged while I was gardening yesterday, so I thought I'd try to memorize a new poem.... but it turns out I've mostly forgotten the old ones. Instead, I started with If, to refresh my memory. What a good one (and easy to remember!).

Those opening lines have knocked around in my head a lot over the years. They speak to a zen sensibility that I would love to attain. I'm not the best at keeping my cool (stop snickering, Joe), but I'm practicing. And now, as a parent, this concept takes on a whole new meaning. Little people are definitely prone to blaming mom; it starts early and often.

On the theme of graduation, here is my little preschool graduate. A week ago she dressed up like a rainbow and got her diploma. Then she spent the morning playing on the splash pad with a crew of other littles. It's her last year of class with Molly! They've been playmates and classmates since birth, more or less, but starting next year they'll head to different schools.

Next year, three day a week preschool... when most of her friends head to kindergarten (darn September birthday).


  1. Continue to love all the photos and wish that I had an adorable family like yours. :) Thanks for sharing about your days and thoughts.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I think pictures do enhance you blog.

    It may seem like waiting another year is not the greatest, but she will be one of the more mature children in her classes and that may make all the difference.

    Write on!