Saturday, June 9, 2012

Goodmorning, Tree Frog

I whine a lot about how early my day starts. 

By 6 or 6:30, sometimes even earlier, my house is alive with activity. There is no gradual building of momentum. No. Invariably I open my eyes to see another, smaller pair only inches away. Those wide-awake, smiling eyes don't always belong to the same kid, but they always mean the same thing.

Someone is up and ready to play, snuggle, eat, or use the loo.  And they always want company!

Today, my early risers reminded me of the perks to this seemingly-unbreakable habit.

A cold cereal picnic in the grass is actually a wonderful start to a hot summer day. We caught ourselves a gray tree frog behind the shed and spent an hour watching him climb a five gallon pail.... and Elle's arms.

Coffee always tastes better outside.  I even sat down for a cup this morning, as I kept Mr. Max from squishing our new frog friend.

Though 6 a.m. seems rather bleak on those bitter, dark January mornings, June was made for flights of exploration while the world still seems cool and fresh.


  1. What a great post! Tree frogs are so fun to watch. Loved the bit about coffee outdoors. And it WAS a great day today. I'm trying to savor them while I can.

  2. Great blog and wonderful pictures.

    You are correct, coffee does taste great outside in the morning.