Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Birthday Boy

Maxwell Joseph is officially one!

I spent more time making his birthday cake (carrot, with cream cheese frosting at Elliot's suggestion), than I spent in the delivery room.... sorry, I couldn't help but bring that back up.

Remember this little guy.

And remember the scare we had during his first week.

Now look at him. He walks. He claps. He giggles at his sisters' antics. He bops his head to "happy and you know it" and does his best to stomp his feet without falling down.

Today, he and his sisters picnicked with friends in the park, played in our backyard pool, devoured his favorite meal (black beans, cheese, and rice), and had his first piece of cake.

Incidentally, he's the only child in the family to finish their first slice of birthday cake on that momentous first birthday. Elle made a gigantic mess, but didn't eat all that much. Maya simply ate the frosting (she still does that!). Max ate everything except the crumbs that hit the deck.

"Can't you tell I'm done eating? Stop shoving that spoon at me, sista!"

"Wait, what? I get to eat this. This is incredible!"

"I know black beans used to be my favorite food, but I think I've changed my mind."


"Hmm, I think there is a crumb right down there that I haven't gotten to yet."
 Did I mention Max shares his birthday with the other new additions of 2012?  Monkey and Spectra were treated to "cat food" cupcakes, complete with candles and singing just for them. Their gift? They were allowed to play outside while we ate our cake. Then, the girls wrangled them back in!

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  1. Happy birthday to Max and the cats. All of them are a good looking lot.

    Thanks for the story. It reminded me of my oldest first birthday. He went around and ate everyone else cake left overs when they ran off to play.

    Have a great day!