Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Hercules

a boy
all boy
always crawling towards, pulling up, climbing over,
all of a sudden standing up
all on his own, up and down in carefully-balanced deep knee bends.
Stable as a rock.
Stalking the backyard, left foot, right foot, left
Safely gripping the nearest available finger or wagon or coupe car.
Sometimes holding a sister's kneecap or, unknowingly, her hair.
Once just a roly, poly basketball wobbling under his weight,
Though his legs never wavered...
All so he can get to the next big find.
The next moth-filled butterfly cage.
The treasure-filled sandbox.

Sometime soon, he'll bravely trust those hard won leg muscles, and
All of a sudden he'll know his own strength.

with the invincible power of one sister
and the brilliant caution of the other sister,
will be unstoppable this summer!

And I will have one job... to be his shadow... or safety net when the time is right.

1 comment:

  1. It has been a pleasure watching Max go from that baby to a lad on two feet! What a summer it will be... :)))