Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

I posted most of this over at Doing Good Together, but I wanted to snag the pictures for Inklings anyway.... so up goes the whole post.

This morning, in the words of Little Miss, we turned May Day into a verb.

"I love May Daying!" She told me as she raced her sister to our neighbors front doors.

We may not be changing the world or making an impact on the critical societal dilemmas of our time, but we are celebrating our little community.

One paper basket of flowers and birdseed cookies at a time.
I love sharing May Day baskets because...
  • It's a fun, family tradition of sharing!
  • It's an opportunity to connect with some of our busier, more elusive neighbors.
  • We're so often crafting and baking for people we don't know, it's nice to share goodies with those closest to us geographically
and last but not least
  • Because we know just how fun it is to receive a little May Day treat. Check out the Hydrangea cupcakes that landed on our doorstep courtesy of the big-hearted neighbor kids and their crafty mom!

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