Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Celebration

Yesterday we ventured out on our annual Easter tour of the Minnesota Zoo's animal baby's exhibit.

That is, after the eggs and bunny routine. Even us Unitarian's have fun with this rite of spring thanks to the very long tradition of marking spring with colored eggs and rabbit tails (check out this article for the story behind the egg-laying bunny!).

Stand out events from the day include:

1) Miss Maya woke up 90 minutes before the rest of the family! Though she had located most of the eggs (and harvested a few jelly beans here and there), she left them all in their hiding places (more or less full of goodies) so Elle could join in the fun. I don't think I had that level of will power at 6 and three quarters!

2) Max chuckled like a grown man at a Judd Apatow movie when he saw the goats at the petting zoo. He's a bit too young to give them treats, but watching his sisters tickled his funny bone something fierce.

3) Grizzly bears. Playing. Gladiator style... It was intense.

What a day!

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