Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mishap Gone Right

The New Brighten Fire Department responds promptly and with overwhelming force.

Eight fire fighters and one police officer all gathered around my old beige oven a couple of weeks ago, while the kids and I shivered in the garage answering questions.

Yes, it was a baking mishap.

No, the cake wasn't burnt. It was delicious actually (double layer chocolate with cream cheese filling and butter-cream icing.... mmm - the picture below is for a triple layer and therein lies the trouble. If you ever scale a recipe back to a double layer cake, remember to scale back the ingredients or they will over flow and cause trouble!)

No, the self-clean feature hasn't ignited the crusty bits at the bottom before, much less burst into an oven full of flames.

Yes, please, use your fancy fan to blow the smoke out of my house so the kids can nap in peace.

 One week later, the smoke smell was finally gone. As was the beige oven with the charred interior.

In its place, my shiny new convection oven beckoned me to proceed with caution.  I must admit, I was a little hesitant to use the oven.... or light a candle... I've seen enough of those nice fire fighters.

 Now that it has finally been tested, the convention oven has proven to be a stroke of wonderful fortune. From caramel rolls to bread to a frozen pizza, everything is better in this new appliance.

Probably not worth blowing up the old oven, but a nice consolation prize nonetheless.

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  1. All that incredible looking food is making me hungry! I LOVE that new oven; do I see a big middle burner??? I've made cakes that say two layer and I've ended up with five layers and a dozen cupcakes; not sure what sort of oven that test kitchen was using, but... :)))