Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gymansts & Literary Gymnastics

Can't spare words... put 3,000 into this year's National Novel Writing Month effort just this morning. This year I'm essentially bringing an old manuscript into a second, much better draft... the hope is to edit this one for submission! We'll see.

And while I'm stretching my (sleep-deprived, generally over-demanded) self, the girls are falling in love with their gymnastics class. They finally let me in to take pictures last week (the flash can distract the other gymnasts, some of whom are actually back flipping on balance beams and such).


  1. Big congrats on those words!! You're going great guns when I looked last... :)))

    I remember my eldest doing the same classes before we left for England; she really had a blast!

  2. i loved gymnastics when i was there age. Don't let anyone tell them they are too tall to be a gymnast.