Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Afternoon Slumber Party

Giving Maya free reign over this first free day of our long weekend was an excellent idea. She has lead us all in games of monster tag, a backyard percussion concert featuring sticks and every surface imaginable, a creative Halloween craft... and now, an afternoon slumber party.

First up, a bath. Next it's robes, curlers, and a movie. Soon we'll do our nails and then...

Conduct internet research to learn more about the nocturnal habits of bats and find a way to help Elle in her ongoing effort to make wings that really fly (yesterday's building materials proved ineffective - two plastic serving trays, tissue paper feathers, and some tape).

So it isn't a completely typical slumber party, but we're having a great time.

Reunion. Two sisters. No schedule. Limitless.

Happy baby entertained by sister's antics.


  1. Those girls are just adorable! And look at Max!! What neck strength, dude! :)

    Cool new look to the blog! Cheers all around!

  2. your baby is a handsome baby! The girls look adorable. Sounds like the best time!