Thursday, September 22, 2011


Will there really eventually be three people in this house who wish to wear sweaters in July and shorts in September, eat snacks at breakfast (wheat thins!) and cereal at dinner (who doesn't like beef stew?), and insist that "my body doesn't have to" use the rest room even as they slam their knees together and wiggle vigorously?

Guess who picked out this shirt!

She really is a delight most of the time!

Someone please explain that 6 year olds do NOT need boyfriends or weddings... I know I've never encouraged this!
Don't warn women with baby-lust about how challenging babies are (sleepless nights, bah... big deal). Warn them that these darling babies grow up to have wildly irrational and emphatically expressed opinions for the next couple of decades. I love them dearly... opinions and all, but trying to rationalize Little Miss into long pants and long sleeves is a short road to insanity!


  1. Oh gosh! I better hold on tight! We just started the "I do it MYSELF" and not wanting to wear what I pull out of the drawer. Here we go!! :)

  2. Hee hee... Welcome to the world of children with their own minds!!

  3. best thing is to let them and then when they are cold say well u should go change so you aren't cold. i think she would learn her lesson that way. i know i sure did.