Sunday, September 11, 2011


The tides of September have swept everyone into the season of change. Maya's gummy grin echoes Elle's quote from yesterday: they seem to love change... when you're a kid, all this new stuff seems as wonderful as Elle's third choice between pink or  yellow polka dot pants.

Aside from the predictable fall out  (fitful sleep from Big Sis, a few afternoon whines from Little Miss), our first week getting back into school has been a thrill for them. Capping it off with a gorgeous, blue-sky weekend full of long bike rides, neighborhood horsey games while the parents have coffee on the deck, and Frisbee games in the park all only served to enhance everyone's mood.

And ever-so-subtlety, 2.5-month-old Max changes too, laughing more, becoming ticklish, and stretching the seams of his 3 to 6 month clothing! Not to mention sleeping from 8 pm to 6 am every now and then!

Joe and I can't help but sing the refrain of how lucky we are this fall.

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