Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Mr. Max, our little red head. He coos, he giggles, he squeals. And best of all, he naps predictably so Little Miss and I can spend some quality time playing elaborate barbie-monkey rescue games or racing through the park. 

These are days of high drama. I saw it coming... I knew the back-to-school transition would knock everyone off kilter, and it has. This week everyone is sleeping a bit better, but the emotional roller coaster (tears over school bus woes one minute, then elation over the new boy she sits next to the next.... can a six year old really be "in love"? I've told her not so much!) reveals new cork screws every minute.

Good thing lovely Max remains cool as a cucumber... and increasingly red-headed!

When everyone's energies are low, we simply pile in bed and read together.


  1. AH i love the video it so made my day that much sweeter because of his cute little cooing! i hope big sis has a better time on the bus. to be honest i never liked the bus either.