Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo-Less Friday

With Pip in one arm and usually a girl, a toy, or someone's snack in the other, I haven't been able to take many pictures this week.

It's too bad, really. Even while meeting the constant needs of a one-month-old, we've had our share of summer adventures this week. Here's the rundown, for the sake of posterity more than anything else:

  • Lake Johanna! The girls swam and built sand castles with friends while I mastered nursing a sandy baby while keeping a watchful eye on bobbing heads. Thanks to life jackets, and the good friends that joined us, it was safe and fun... though our exit was less than graceful! (everyone was starving and/or whining).
  • Soccer... Little Miss has decided against participating in her class, but Big Sis loves it. Pip hung out in the Moby for more than two hours while Little Miss played "zoo" with some preschool friend and Big Sis played soccer. Unfortunately, the hike up the hill was a long and tired one, punctuated by admonitions from Big Sis... How COULD  I have forgotten to leave her water bottle near the playing field. Poor neglected first born! She nearly got heat stroke :(
  • Zoo/Play date! Big Sis attended the best summer playdate at a world class park and man-made lake (a bit ironic in Minnesota, but it was clean, well life-guarded, and apparently super fun). While she was off on her own, Little Miss and Pip and I braved the zoo for a couple of hours. We pulled it off thanks to a little girl who was eager for mom's undivided attention and a little boy who sleeps happily any time he's nestled in the moby wrap with his mama. Conveniently, I could fulfill both needs at once, and sneak home in time to nap with them both!
Add in the rather messy breakfast-in-bed the girls accomplished for their dad's birthday, plenty of backyard pool fun, and some rather hilarious dance parties and I can safely say we've had a full and wonderful week. Who needs sleep anyway!

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