Monday, July 25, 2011


A month?! Our little guy is a month old! That's a month of feeding him every 2 hours or so, of holding and snuggling him as much as possible, and of using his nap times to play with the girls. Laundry? Food prep? All that other stuff gets shoved to the back of the line....

Predictably, I'm so engrossed in this new. baby rapture that I don't have much else to say.... and typing one handed is tricky! I'm struck again by how something so common, so universal (ours isn't even the only newborn in the family at the moment, and if you count him among friends and extended relatives, he's one in an impressive fleet of doted-on newbies) is simultaneously so intense, personal, and life changing.

I'm not sure if anything new can be written about a family's love for a new baby, and yet it feels so new and so.... so much like an elemental, personal revelation that it is hard to believe we're not the first family to experience it.

Right, so if the blog is quieter than usual, it isn't so much due to lack of time as to lack of anything to say beyond the obvious. We are enthralled.


  1. Well said Sarah.

    Happy one month to little Maxwell! We love you buddy!

  2. What a beautiful boy! And an equally fantastic life... :)))