Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introducing Everyday Inklings

This is simply a rebirth of my old blog, running for nearly four years on a URL that no longer applies.

Here, as there, I aspire to posts that capture the most poignant and fleeting moments of raising young kids; to mindfulness; and to a daily (or almost daily) writing habit.

If you know the old blog, or if you follow our happenings on Facebook, you know my kids well enough that false names seem silly. As the big girls grow more independent, they deserve some anonymity in my random web ramblings. I'll try to give that to them with both nicknames and a bit of self-censoring... some stories just aren't mine to share. I'll try to be mindful of that line as much as possible.

The old blog will remain up just as long as it takes me to convert it all into a few keepsake books for my family.

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